Dog trekking to the Cerveteri waterfalls (Rome)

A Dog Trekking to discover the 5 Cerveteri waterfalls
10 Max

BauTour from Milan to Rome by plane with dogs of all sizes in the cabin with guided tour

Take part in the story of the first flight from Milan to Rome
20 Max
Very easy

Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome with a dog

Skip the line for Castel Sant'Angelo while a dog sitter
5 Max
Very easy

Where and how to vacation with a dog in Lazio

The Lazio region offers many and varied ideas for a journey to discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of the region, as well as the naturalistic and food and wine heritage. The ancient vestiges of Rome and the remarkable artistic heritage that it preserves give the capital the role of the main tourist attraction in the region. There are numerous iconic sites and monuments that contribute to giving it this role.

They range from archaeological remains to the greatest masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque art many can be visited with a dog. However, the region with Rome does not exhaust the cultural offer for its visitors: in fact, taking a holiday with a dog in Lazio also means walking in the greenery of Villa Adriana e Villa d'Este in Tivoli, as well as the Etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia represent some of the most important archaeological remains of the region. The religiously inspired journey is one of the most emblematic voices of regional tourism.

The basilica of San Pietro, the Basilica of San Paolo fuori le mura, as well as suggestive places such as the monastery of Montecassino di Subiaco are just some of the most important destinations of the Lazio pilgrimage, not always accessible with a dog. The varied landscape of the region lends itself to long and pleasant walks in the company of your dog, divided into montagne, colline, flat land e sea, allows you to admire different natural environments: different beaches for dogs in Lazio. Woods and natural areas protected are the treasures of Ciociaria, the land where the Peperone di Pontecorvo DOP is produced.

The famous Strada dei Vini dei Castelli Romani offers a lively combination of history, culture and nature. There are numerous cycling routes dedicated to the discovery of the natural landscape and the dog trekking. The cycling route of the Via Francigena allows you to immerse yourself in the natural and spiritual dimension of the places it passes through. Among the most famous seaside resorts there are centers such as Sabaudia but without any dog ​​friendly tourist reception structure, immersed in the Circeo and Anzio National Park, rich in history and nature thanks to the Tor Caldara Regional Nature Reserve.