Where and how to vacation with a dog in Sardinia

La Sardegna it is a splendid island with a thousand-year history behind it, which contains breathtaking landscapes within its borders. This region is famous all over the world for the beauty of the blue and crystalline sea that surrounds it, but also for the beauty of the wild landscapes that are found within it, and obviously for the historical and cultural richness that accompanies it.

Il tourism is the driving force of this region which, especially in summer, is taken by storm. The coastal resorts are the most popular, but many small inland towns are also important from a tourist point of view, especially out of season, when the Sardegna offers the possibility, through various itinerant events, to discover the traditions and ancient crafts of this land and of those who live there.

Also for this to do the holidays with a dog in Sardinia transports you to a "parallel" world away from everything and everyone, beyond the excursions in its interior Sardinia is equipped with numerous beaches for dogs. From a purely geographical point of view we are faced with what, by extension, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, with a coastline of 1.897 kilometers.

The coasts of the Sardegna they are mostly formed by high and jagged rocks, which from time to time are interspersed with vast beaches and small paradisiacal coves. In some areas, such as a Molentargius and Villasimius, small tongues of sand and high dune systems divide the sea from the ponds where, in many cases, the beautiful pink flamingos find their home.

There are many seaside destinations particularly sought after from a tourist point of view. On the east coast, starting from Arbatax, it is possible to reach the beautiful beaches and coves bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, for example Mariolu e Cala Luna. To the south there are the beautiful beaches of Chia e Tuerredda, but also the very high dunes of Porto Pino.

To the north, the archipelago of the Maddalena it is a real paradise on earth, but also Stintino and Hairy with their crystal clear waters they are worth a visit. On a historical and cultural level, in the land of the nuraghi, there is only the embarrassment of choice. CagliariNuoroAlghero e Porto Torres are the most important cities not only from a demographic point of view, but also for the cultural richness they have preserved over the centuries in which in Sardegna various dominations followed.