WoofTour in Sicily with a dog for a week between taste, history and nature

Discover the beauties of eastern Sicily with your dog,
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Sailboat to the Aeolian Islands with a dog

Sailing to the Aeolian Islands with a dog + Skipper

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Where and how to vacation with a dog in Sicily

Sicily is a riot of scents and colors, a sunny region just like the people and their welcome, here everyone feels at home, because hospitality is the flagship of all those who take care of welcoming guests. tourists. The climate is typical Mediterranean with hot and solitary summers and mild and rainy winters.

Who does not know the famous Etna volcano? One of the most beautiful spectacles in the region, especially for everything that is to see its life, feel its presence and understand how the locals fear and respect it at the same time, to get there you can take advantage of the paths and walk in absolute silence with your dog.

Other noteworthy areas are certainly the coasts, beautiful beaches and clear sea, the only flaw is that there are very few beaches equipped for our dogs. But one of the things that tourists carry in their hearts beyond all that we have said so far is certainly the cuisine.

The arancini are one of their works of art but not only, but we can say that the Sicilians are without a shadow of a doubt the best lovers of street food, it will be impossible to resist the temptation to savor Sicilian arancini and cannoli while walking along the sea in company. and in joy.

Sicily is a region where tourist hospitality is not a job but a passion, in fact, over time, various hotel structures have been created that adapt to all needs, from the most expensive to the easy-going ones and boasts several 4-legged hotel that are right for us, in fact taking a holiday with a dog in Sicily is not impossible even if it is complicated for the very few equipped facilities.

The most colorful and funniest festivals, the region is music and entertainment, very famous is the carnival of Acireale where allegorical floats and competitions for children make the party a joy for everyone. The sympathy of the people makes the stay unforgettable, all those who have chosen Sicily as a destination for their travels confirm that it carries in the heart for life, it is also quite easy, if you are an animal lover, to return home after a holiday in Sicily having adopted a dog that lives in these parts: unfortunately, stray dogs are quite common here.

If one of the fears is how to reach the island, the problem is easy to solve because in addition to ferries (where dogs are also allowed in the cabin) there are two famous and well served airports (for small dogs it is ideal), and the offers for flights are many and therefore, without fear, organize yourself and enjoy the hospitality of this region.