Where and how to vacation with a dog in Aosta Valley

Valle d'Aosta is among the smallest regions of Italy, but this does not mean that it is poor in fantastic places to visit. holidays with a dog in Valle d'Aosta is an immersion in unspoiled nature.

Speaking of the territory it is easy to describe it because we are talking about a completely mountainous area full of itineraries that you can undertake together with your dog: from the simplest to the most complex. Valle d'Aosta is considered the paradise for winter sports lovers, for fans there are fantastic slopes and facilities that are always up-to-date and always kept very well maintained, so they are very safe.

Also not to be underestimated walks in the summer, perhaps with your four-legged friend savoring the scents of the mountain, and then tasting the alpine cheeses and the typical dishes of the area. Unmissable polenta accompanied by tasty cheeses and dried meat.

Eating delicious dishes in a fantastic wooden chalet next to a lit fireplace, this is everyone's dream and it is in the Aosta Valley that this dream becomes reality. The Aosta Valley people are very attached to traditions and in the festivals and fairs in the villages it is possible to see women and men with typical clothes of the area that make tourists relive the ancient habits and ancient crafts.

We understood that although it is not extensive in territory Aosta e province offers tourists many options for relaxation and entertainment, from the least expensive to the most luxurious and always in the company of your 4-legged best friend. A region that is considered one of the green lungs of Italy for its still untouched mountains, iideal for holidays with a dog.

The long walks in the fantastic paths that are regularly cleaned and well kept, up to small shelters where guests are welcomed as family members in maximum comfort: in the shelters it is better to call to confirm that your dog is allowed instead for 4-legged hotels availability is much easier: by clicking on the photo below you can compare and choose the best price among the dog friendly hotels in the Aosta Valley.