BauTour in the Rue of Ascoli Piceno with tasting

We will leave from the Papal Paper Mill on the Castellano river together with yours
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WoofTour on pack: A swim and then the story at the Castellano river

An afternoon with a swim in the Castellano river with your
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Where and how to vacation with a dog in Veneto

Veneto is one of the most particular regions of Italy, starting with the question of the climate, where one passes from rigid climates such as those of the Dolomites to the milder ones of the Adriatic coast. Sea and mountains enclosed in a region, it is for what we can assert without a doubt that this is the most complete and suitable area for both beach lovers and lone wolves of the mountains. Starting to talk about tourist reception we must give a space of honor to Venezia, its magic, its art makes the city a destination for tourists all year round.

Carnival is the time of year where the city dresses up in medieval history and tradition, ladies and courtiers populate the streets and fill them with color and sounds. Moving on to the Dolomites you can stay in contact with nature in fantastic mountain huts and eat polenta accompanied by fantastic and tasty alpine cheeses from enjoy both in the company of your dog.

Going on holidays with a dog in Veneto, since tourism is very well cared for, and it is really very important: the facilities are all well maintained and modern, everything is designed to ensure that all tourists, adults, children and 4 paws can say with certainty that these are experiences that are not forgotten in life.

Walks immersed in nature, perhaps accompanied by your four-legged friend, in this region they are an infinity. We also give space to beach lovers, we mention areas such as Caorle, Jesolo e Bibione (one of the best equipped beaches for dogs in Italy) where endless beaches and splendid sea welcome all tourists, and the structures are truly varied, ready to satisfy the daring tourist who wants to stay in a tent to the one who seeks all sorts of comforts because he always wants to be pampered.

And for the most romantics, one cannot fail to speak of Verona, the city of lovers par excellence. The dream of all women is to look at their Romeo from the balcony and be their Juliet for a minute, but with their companion on legs always close by. To conclude we can say with certainty that going on holidays with a dog in Veneto is recommended and everyone can find what makes them happy in this region.