Holidays with a dog in Barcelona

Going on holidays with a dog in Barcelona

Hi everyone, I'm Struzzy, an all peppered Apulian dog mission in Barcelona. My mothers took me here on vacation this year, because they say that this is the city of sun and joy and they are really right: it always seems fiesta! I must say that the journey was quite peaceful, I had never taken the ship in this year of life, I can say that I am a real sea wolf, complete with passport for pets: you can arrive by sea with the ship that accepts dogs from Civitavecchia and Genoa.

I slept in a comfortable room pet friendly cabin on the upper deck, together with my fellow humans and very often I was walking with my humans to enjoy the view since we can do our business outside on the deck, accessible to us, also to play of course, otherwise you know how boring. Alas the only thing I didn't like so much is that we do not have access to the bar and restaurant... but I say, the very area where those smells come from and is there the food that I like so much? But oh well the hairy cabins are very welcoming for us.

To welcome us at the exit of the port was the aunt, who took us home and after a nice nap, the next day I was ready to discover this magnificent city. What can I say, just below the house a huge park to be able to stretch my paws a bit, it's fantastic in less than 10 minutes I learned Spanish. It is really true barking in Spanish is not that difficult, I have already made friends with Toby and Candela who gave me some suggestions on what to visit ... by the way BAU in Spanish is GUAU.

Oh yes, because vacationing with a dog in Barcelona is really possible, think that I have also been on the metro (i dogs of all sizes have access to all lines) and in train, only to local ones which are called Cercanias (on national trains, on the other hand, you have access only if you weigh less than 8 kg). I traveled the length and breadth of the city with my mothers, without problems. It is in fact possible to travel by subway, every day from 11 September to 24 June from 9,30 to 17 and from 19 until closing. While there is no time limit on public holidays and from 24 June to 11 September. I discovered that the areas dedicated to me and my friends are many, at the entrance there is also a convenient bag and glove dispenser for the collection of my bisognini: for more info for going on holiday with a dog to Spain can be found here.

In the following days hear hear, I was at Parc Güell and as a good intellectual I also listened to the whole story that the guide explained to us; I liked it a lot: all those strange and colorful houses and a view of the city not to be missed, of course this Gaudi was really a genius! It is one of the few Spanish cities where we furry ones are welcome and there are different ones dog friendly hotels in Barcelona without making any problems. I also recommend taking a trip to see the Sagrada Familia, there is a super equipped dog area just in front of the main entrance, the map with all the dog areas of Barcelona instead you can find it here.

You will fall in love with Barcelona and you will want to say: “You know there is, I drop everything and I'm going to live in Barcelona", however, you must inquire about Lodging, speak at least one level of basic Spanish even if the Catalan would be better than for us Italians it is also easier, to know the opportunities of work and so on, for example, I know for sure that Mela and her human (founders of Trip For Dog) lived there for a couple of years and if you can make a life choice like that I suggest you to do this experience by taking a look at this site that can be useful:

My friends, my mothers also took me away, one morning we woke up early and took the train to Blanes, a city not far from Barcelona, ​​on the Costa Brava. Yes, you got it right, the train, here I can get on because it is part of the local trains, always with my friend on a leash and a little less comfortable but necessary muzzle (shh don't tell anyone, but the conductor saw me very well and made me take it off).

We arrived at our destination in about an hour and a half and in front of us immense beaches and sand where I could dig my beloved holes. Attention, however, it seems that in the middle of the summer period we quadrupeds are not allowed access to all the beaches, the authorized beaches for dogs in Barcelona you can find them by clicking on the link. In Barcelona, ​​for example, we can easily go to the beach from November to March but apparently a part of the Playa del Levante it is accessible all year round. The area of ​​about 1200 square meters also has drinking troughs and showers specially created for us pelosetti. Furthermore, an increase in the areas where we could be free to kick around is expected up to 2018; already this year they are more than 80 spaces are fenced and made available by the municipality.

Returning to Barcelona, ​​strolling around the Ciutadella park which is in the city center, and which obviously could not be missing among the things to visit, we got a little hungry, so we went to a place that our aunt recommended, one of the many pet friendly restaurants of Barcelona, ​​the Itaka restaurant, where they also offered me some very tasty biscuits ... in principle the practice is to eat out on the "terraces", it is very normal here, where not having to enter there is no problem with us and with the climate there is we are fine.

After almost a week of vacation in Barcelona, ​​I can say that I am a Catalan par excellence, I know the whole city by heart, they promised me to return as soon as possible, also because I miss the famous Can Janè dog park where I can have fun in a dog-friendly swimming pool: the water park for dogs, yes a kind of aquafan for us furry ones… I am attaching some photos, a video and some hotels that accept dogs in Barcelona. Have fun or as they say in these parts "Que disfruten!".