Holidays with a dog in the mountains: dog trekking in Lombardy Chiavenna Acquafraggia waterfalls

Dog trekking in Lombardy Chiavenna to the Acquafraggia waterfalls. Very Easy Path

Hello friends, this week we are going to tell you about a day trip to the Acquafraggia waterfalls or Acqua Fracta as the good Leonardo da Vinci described them. The path is really very easy, in fact, no special equipment or footwear will be needed on this itinerary: a pair of tennis shoes and a water bottle are essential, however, for you humans and for us furry ones.

As you know by now we travel for tourism, for fun but above all to disconnect from everyday life in the city that we really don't like at all: between characters we have had to deal with lately, traffic and people who are always in a hurry to do who knows what it took a leap out of town. Our goal is, as always, to enjoy the day walking together, sharing experiences and relaxing away from all those sources harmful to health and morale.

In this path you do not need any particular training, this itinerary is very simple and it does not require technical knowledge but it is still a matter of walking an hour to go and another hour to return on a cycle path, so keep us on a leash because even if there are not many cyclists we have met but those who pass go really fast and you never know they can invest in it… obviously collect our needs and for this reason there are bag dispensers almost everywhere.

Dog Trekking Accessories

How to reach us

If you move by car you can practically get to 500 meters from the falls… but in this case what are you going to do? For 500 meters of walk you will lose all the beauty of the path that starts from Chiavenna, you pass by the Castle, go up the river, go under the national road and then go up towards the Acquafraggia Waterfalls, which are visible from the middle of the path for as long as great they are.

If you want to use the By public transport it is possible to arrive from Milan on the train changing in Colico for a total of about 2,15 hours of travel. As soon as you leave Chiavenna station on the left, in the same building you will find the tourist office where you can ask for a map of the area, the walk to the Acquafraggia waterfalls takes about 60 minutes and is well signposted ... if you have any doubts, put in prefer this page that contains the path to the centimeter. 😉



The Trenord Milano-Chiavenna train for a dog and a person costs € 4,60 + € 9,20. If you want to stop all weekend to experience other beauties in the surroundings it is recommended, but given the small size of the place there are not many dog friendly hotels in Chiavenna. You will find few dog areas as we understand them, that is with fenced spaces but in the middle of nature there are no problems ... just clean and make people polite. Under the falls there is a nice park where my human left me free to run around, drink, poop and catch my breath that under the sun I warm up immediately seeing my super black hair with blue shades.



Basic principles

- Respect for everything and everyone: for every living being and for unspoiled nature;
- Caution: Always evaluate the dog's physical preparation and yours;
- Education: We always greet those we meet in these parts;
- Weather: weather conditions change often, keep an eye on the forecast.


Backpack Tips: Lightweight.

In this case, take one with you water bottle, the path is almost half in the shade. There are different sources of water and you can always "refill" the bottle with fresh water.

Un k-way and poncho if turbulence is expected.

Sneakers, this route is almost entirely on a cycle path so you will not encounter any difficulties without hiking shoes.

If you are one of those who take a freezing bath or shower, bring your own swimsuit that it is possible to bathe both under the waterfalls, with attention of course, and in the river that creates the water going down ... maybe use suitable footwear for the water since it is full of stones.




You can bring a packed lunch for a picnic under the Acquafraggia waterfalls or if you prefer, as we did, you can stop in one of the different crottos that meet along the way and enjoy local specialties at low cost, around € 20 each. . For example, just before the church we stopped to eat at the Crotto Belvedere where we dogs are super welcome.


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