Holidays with a dog in the mountains: dog trekking in Lombardy Valtellina Val di Mello

Dog trekking in Lombardy Valtellina Val di Mello. Easy path

Hello friends, this summer we took "alternative" holidays compared to our usual trips to the city, abroad or by the sea ... we chose to do dog trekking in Lombardy and now I can't do without it anymore. With my 4 driving legs I can walk quietly even on paths or itineraries immersed in nature and it is a marvel.

So together with my human we decided to share them with you, for tourism, leisure and pure fun in pure nature because in Italy the "dog trekking" is intended as a sport with times, rankings ... we do not care about all this but make us beautiful walk together, sharing places and sensations in relaxation 😉

Certainly a minimum of physical training must be had, this itinerary for example is very simple and it does not require technical knowledge but it is still a matter of walking an hour on the way out and another on the way back uphill and if you then take the breaks to take a few dives and swim in the lakes you cannot "rush" but you have to take it calmly and calmly , the haste, leave it to those in town.


How to reach us

If you move by car you can arrive directly at the beginning of the path just above San Martino, otherwise if you move with the By public transport like us it is possible to arrive from Milan on the train it is very simple: there are many regional ones that give Milano Centrale arrive in Morbegno (about 1,30 min) and as soon as you exit the station on the right you will find the deposit of coach and the tourist office where you can buy tickets for your 4-legged friend and obviously for you, the journey to San Martino takes about 50 minutes. From where the bus will leave you, you have 2 options: either take the shuttle up to the mouth of the Val di Mello or you can do it on foot to warm up.


The Milan-Morbegno train for one person and a dog costs € 13,80, the bus from Morbegno to S. Martino for the same characters is € 6,90 and if you take the shuttle it is € 2 per biped and € 1 for us dogs . If you want to spend a weekend there are many dog-friendly hotels in the province of Sondrio. A little less are the dog areas that you will find, but in the midst of nature there are no problems, then just collect and throw it, on the way back, into the boxes that will be found at the end of the path.


Basic principles

- Respect: for us dogs, for the nature we live in and for other living beings;
- Caution: Always evaluate your physical and dog preparation first;
- Education: you meet on an excursion, usually it's always nice people!
- Weather: Find out in advance about the weather conditions.


Backpack tips

Always carry one with you water bottle for you and the dog, we have taken a kind of "beak" so the canteen of my human is one and we both drink it.

Un k-way, poncho or coat (preferably with bright colors that you see in the green) because the weather in the mountains changes very quickly and you could get wet from head to toe in a moment and then see the sun return.

Trekking shoes, nothing complicated but don't think about going in tennis shoes to hike no matter how simple they are.

A little first aid kit for the dog and one for you to treat any scratches, mosquito bites and hopefully never use.


There is an inn at the beginning of the route, a farmhouse halfway and a refuge at the end.

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