Holidays with a dog in the mountains: Dog Trekking, San Candido

Dog trekking: Bagni di San Candido (BZ)

Hello everyone, my name is Anja and I am a splendid 11 year old female German shepherd and I take many walks with my human Anto who is an expert mountaineer and writes books, but I also have my experience now ... I'm not really from " first hair ", humans call these our walks: dog trekking.
The itinerary that I present to you today is an excerpt from our book: "Six-legged Dolomites”Edizioni DBS and you can buy it by going to the bookshop or from here Six-legged Dolomites. 32 itineraries to experience the mountains with our dog

First of all some basic principles:

- Respect: for us quadrupeds, for the nature that surrounds us and of course for other living beings;
- Caution: Evaluate your physical preparation and your dog's;
- Education: you will meet on excursion and you have to behave well, always;
- Weather: Carefully evaluate the weather conditions, to avoid trouble for your dog and your person.

Some practical tips:

In the mountains it is a good idea to "travel light" without giving up the necessary elements such as a good supply of water for both, better to bring it home at the end of the excursion than to finish it on the path. It is not necessary to carry food rations, at most a few biscuits, it will be much more pleasant on our return to eat and enjoy a well-deserved rest, a small first aid kit (canine or not) and a shelter cloth is highly recommended.
Remember to take with you passport o updated health card of your furry one, some forester could always do a check and avoid venturing away from the signs, it is there just to not get lost.

San Candido Baths Itinerary (1333m, Wildbach)
Ideal period: summer (June-October)
Cartography: Tabacco Sheet 010, scale 1: 25000

This path is simple, it lasts about 2 hours, has areas ofshadow and it is possible take a bath… Remember to always carry supplies of drinking water. Starting from San Candido (Bolzano) you go up briefly following the signpost number 7, there will be an indication towards "Wildbad”(Wild bath): a name a guarantee. We will begin to climb with a short slope until the ancients appear remains of the thermal bath, where there have been finds of Roman castrums: here the bathroom is guaranteed for us and the view is breathtaking! We recommend that you stop for a while to enjoy the immensity of nature: scents, colors and sensations that you really dream of in the city.

Resuming the journey following the trail signs 8 and 8a you reach the welcoming restaurant "Jorahutte“, We recommend a stop that the cooking is great and usually there is always something for me too, friends you already know the expression you have to do to get a bite, I'm certainly not teaching you ...

To stay in San Candido there are several dog friendly facilities: farmhouses, hotels and apartments suitable for four legs and they will welcome you with a smile and a biscuit, yes in Trentino Alto Adige they treat us really well! We just have to wish you a good walk and good relaxation ... we recommend booking well in advance as it is always very full.

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