Traveling with a dog by car, practical advice

Some advice for traveling with a dog by car

Yesterday I was in the park with my friend Bob, a Labrador, frankly very nice aesthetically, but not everyone can be as bright as me, who desperately confessed to me that he was afraid of the vicinity of the holidays because his family has to leave for the holidays and gave that traveling with a dog in a car can cause some problems he confessed to me that he suffers from nausea when he drives! I am very sorry for him, fortunately I do not have this problem.

He told me in the vet that travel-related nausea issues it is very common in puppies because the sense of balance and body balance is not yet developed and therefore the movement of the car can cause stomach pain and vomiting. Over time this disorder should disappear, but in some dogs it persists, in Italy about 19% of dogs suffer from car sickness, because they associate the memory of unpleasant moments with the car, such as a visit to the vet. You can see that not everyone is as nice as mine. In this regard, I will reveal a secret to you: even mine is sometimes unpleasant and takes out needles, looks in the ears, in the mouth, but then pulls out some treats and I forgive him, also because he has a very nice assistant who caresses.

Now you are wondering how is it possible that my friend Bob is afraid of the car and I am not?
My human friends have been smart, in fact, from the first months, when they took me into the house, they made me get into the car. Initially I too was afraid, but then seeing the games they left me inside I got on and in no time at all the car started, I was on board and I had to face the journey. The first time they took me for 15 minutes, the next day 20 and so on ... to gradually get used to curves, jumps, braking: now it's like I'm riding a carousel and I have a lot of fun.

I admit at first I didn't understand why they did this to me, but now I'm happy.
Another luck of mine is that my human friends drive well. Bob told me that his friend during the journey manages to take all the holes on the road, also runs and then suddenly brakes and slows down and he gets a stomach ache to the point that he vomits in the car and obviously his friend snorts and grumbles.

For Bob this is mortifying, but he says he can't help himself. Fortunately, even when the journey is long I'm fine and I have no problems, in fact, I always have a little window open so the air is clean. With my family we stop often in rest areas, here they make me stretch your paws, they give me fresh water and make me fiddle a bit.

Sometimes I enjoy chatting with some dog I meet and who goes on vacation too. Too bad there is never the same destination! Then we leave again. The only negative element of traveling with mine is that they make me eat little, they say I have to be light otherwise my tummy might hurt and then it would be trouble for everyone.

However, returning to my friend Bob's problem, I suggested that he go to the vet, obviously on foot, if he can be accompanied by his human on foot, otherwise another long journey with nausea and stomach ache. Here once the problem is explained, the doctor will proceed to prescribe some medicines to use before starting the car journey. In this way he too can go on vacation without suffering too much and without infesting the car with the bad smell of vomit.

For smaller dogs, when traveling by car, you must use the pet carrier and that it is comfortable and large ... instead for slightly larger dogs like me, the security belt or stay behind a safety net for our safety. When you travel with a dog drive to the holidays consult the structures that accept dogs well in advance so that there are no surprises!

Happy Bau Trip !!!