Traveling with a dog by train for only € 5

How nice we finally leave and all together! My name is Ax and I am a very blonde golden retriver, I heard my humans take me on vacation by train this year and for me it is the first time, I have never gone there and I am really very excited.

On trains Trenitalia and arrows it's possible traveling with a dog always but throughout August they decided to contribute to the battle against abandonment and set the price of our ticket just 5 €, and yes, not everyone is lucky enough to know Trip For Dog and organize a dog-friendly holiday and improvise spending a lot of money and having a stressed-out holiday.

In particular, i small dogs, cats and other small pets they must be in a pet carrier e they always travel for free in the first and second class of all train categories and in the Executive, Business, Premium and Standard service levels.

Obviously this is not my case, I am not in the carrier ... they are a "strong" size 😀 ma traveling with a dog by train with love. it is still possible, as well as my large-sized peers but we have to stay at leash and our humans must be equipped with muzzle (you must not wear it, just have it with you), in particular:

We are allowed on IC and ICN trains in both first and second class; on the Frecciabianca, Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains, in first and second class and in the Business and Standard service levels. The Executive, Premium level of service, the Silence Area and the lounges are excluded; on the Regional trains in the vestibule or platform of the last carriage, with the exception of the timetable from 7 to 9 am on weekdays from Monday to Friday as it is full of people going to work; in sleeping carriages, couchette carriages and Excelsior cars, for compartments purchased in full ... some small limitations but better so that nothing like in Spain where dogs that exceed 8 kg are impossible to travel ... crazy!

The ticket must be purchased together with the companion ticket, in fact only one dog per person is allowed. On a promotional basis, during the month of August, we 4-legged people travel for only 5 euros… Remember that you can't do it online, you will have to go to the ticket office, who knows if one day you will be able to do it directly from home like all the other tickets, hopefully good.

In reality if you are lucky you will find some kind and nice people but today in the dog area my friend Mela, who already has a lot of travel experience, he told me that sometimes there are people who do not like us, or are allergic or are simply afraid of us (who knows why they are a wad of very sweet fur ... but what do they know) and we have to make an uncomfortable journey.

Alas, we are not allowed to enter the restaurant / bar carriages, too bad ... a smell comes out of those carriages but patience only guide dogs for the blind are an exception, God forbid ... they are working: in fact they can travel on all trains for free without any obligation and always.

Remind your family that it is necessary to have the certificate of registration in the canine registry and health card or dog passport to be shown when purchasing the ticket (even if they never ask for it), and on board the train. If found without, you are subject to fines and in the worst cases they make you get off at the first stop.

Bye bye and see you next time! Have a good trip everyone