Travel as a gift for dogs and cats to and from Sardinia

Hello four-legged friends! For those who do not know me, I am Oliver, a nice 5 year old Golden Retriever and for some years I have been living at Elisa's house, a very nice lady who decided to take care of me after my mother flew to heaven. Together with us also live Giovanni and Fabio, husband and son of my current human, as well as a nice guinea pig. This year it is my first time going on vacation with my new family and I can't wait to leave. With my previous human I did not make many trips, because she did not drive and every time she was looking for a flight for both of us, she did not find it and so we took short trips with the train in places where access to us dogs was allowed.

But from this year there is a big news! My new family has decided to take me on a beach holiday with them and for the first time I will travel on a ship. Plus, it looks like I'll be traveling completely for free. Yes, you got it right! In fact, my mother discovered, surfing the internet, that the June 21 is Pet Friday day, that is the day that Traghetti-Sardegna dedicates to all four-legged friends, no matter if dogs or cats and applies to any date, itinerary or accommodation, in conclusion a trip as a gift for dogs and cats. Each of us will be able to travel for free by ship together with his humans and can do it completely for free. This can be one way to get so many people to do not abandon their four-legged friends just because they get in the way of the holidays. Think that every year, about 30% of us dogs or cats, are abandoned precisely because it is an obstacle to the holidays, without realizing the harm they do.

To take advantage of the offer, just call or send an email to book a trip to or from Sardinia. There is no restriction on the destination and any port you choose will be fine. In this way you will be entitled to a free pass for your four-legged friend. What are you waiting for? Do not miss the opportunity and book your trip to or from Sardinia on June 21st, so even we furry ones can travel in comfort without spending anything. They tell me that on the ships there are many areas dedicated to us dogs, where we can be in the company of our human friends and where we can stretch our paws or do our needs. Other than that, most of the companies have cabins with direct access for animals and this allows us to be together with our friends in the cabin and spend the night there in all serenity.

This offer is really nice and I am sure that many will not miss this opportunity to go on vacation with their four-legged friends without having to spend even 1 euro. To find out more about the offer, on qwhich companies are interested and much more, you can send an email to the Marketing Area of ​​ at: [email protected], or you can call the number 0565-912200. Have a good trip four-legged friends and I hope to meet you numerous on the deck of the ship and maybe exchange some advice for the next trip, oh I forgot if you are looking for accommodation you can take a look to hotels that accept dogs..