Visits and treatments at the hospital with your dog friend in Milan
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Now I can take my little human to the hospital

My name is Pluto and I am the best friend of Martina, a little girl who has various health problems, I worry a lot about her and every time she has to go to the hospital I go anxious because I don't see her coming home at the usual time , after school.

I have heard of our older human friends than al Fatebenefratelli (the hospital where my little friend goes for treatment), they have one extraordinary pediatric ward and who really care about the well-being of their little patients, a lot to be smart enough to allow me to accompany her and stay with her.

I am really happy to be able to be close to her, especially in difficult moments, and that finally can also accompany you to the hospital and give her lots of kisses and be pampered: it's a mutual exchange, we love each other and we make each other strong. On the other hand, a strong sense of responsibility arises in both of us and I am without a doubt a responsible dog.

Back home after the visits I heard on the news that in Lombardy they have allocated more than 2 million euros for the welfare of animals, it will be ... but I have not seen a penny and I don't even care: it's enough for me to be able to be close to my little friend anywhere you want to take me, including the hospital.

Even atPrato hospital and Meyer of Florence luckily they give this possibility, we hope it is contagious and all Italian hospitals join.